Tips For Finding Apartments in Tampa Florida

Looking for a new place to live can be daunting. Perhaps there are not enough listings in a particular neighbourhood, or there are a lot of desirable listings, but the price is out of your league. Finding apartments in Florida that check all the boxes calls for patience. Here are a few resources that can help you find your next apartment in Florida.

Local Universities

Most people tend to focus on newspaper and online ads when looking for rentals and while both of these resources are excellent, they are available for everyone else who is looking for an apartment in the same area as you. Local universities provide people who rent excellent opportunities because of their ever-changing enrollment. Most of the students go back to their homes during summer leaving empty apartments, condos and houses. In most cases, the end of the semester and the end of their lease doesn’t coincide and they are forced to look for somebody to take over the monthly payments.

Another way that local universities can help you is that most of them compile a list of available off-campus housing. This can be an excellent resource if you are a student and want a place to rent in Florida.

Social Media

As mentioned earlier, most individuals who are searching for a new place to live usually stick to online and print classifieds. This tends to limit the number of available apartments to those whose owners have decided to advertise. However, by utilizing social media to broadcast their interest in apartments and condos for rent, people can substantially widen their searching scope. An online friend might be moving out and they can put you in touch with the landlord. An acquaintance might know of a landlord who’s searching for a tenant but not advertising. As you can see, spreading the word to social media friends can certainly increase the chances of finding an excellent apartment for rent in Tampa Florida.


Individuals in a certain line work usually know other people in the same profession. This is particularly true for landlords. When a tenant is moving out of their apartment, some owners can recommend places that they may know. In most cases, a landlord manages multiple properties. In addition to tips on where to search, they can ideally advise you on what properties to avoid. Similar to social media and local universities, landlords are a resource that most people never think to use, thus making them even more valuable.